Dahua CCTV hacked

Wednesday, 27 September 2017  |  Admin

Dahua CCTV hacked - again

Dahua recorders displaying the hacked message in camera title.

We had disabled our blog as we didn't have time to post any news but I believe it to be an important method of communication with our customers and for customers to share information with each other. Please don’t post any personal information here such as your surname or your company name. Also, do not post any active links to other sites as these will be deleted.

We stopped selling the  Dahua CCTV range over 2 years ago but we have had a few calls from customers with the message “hacked" on their DVRs. So we start with the current trend of "hacking". This week the hackers are changing the camera titles to “hacked “ and so far the user passwords seem unaffected.

So the first step is to unplug your recorder from the internet and after a factory default, update the firmware.

If you can’t access the user interface with your login password or the default password, simply email us the serial number, model number and the name under which it was purchased to obtain a reset code.

The Dahua CCTV units seem to have suffered the same issue of many other CCTV manufacturers in that users didn’t change the factory password.  It doesn’t matter if you just port forwarded the 3 or 4 ports to the internet as recommended or used DMZ ( not recommended).

Alternatively and especially if your recorder is over 4 years old, we suggest upgrading it to a newer version. Call us for a price for compatible models.

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