Hikvision IP range change

Wednesday, 27 September 2017  |  Admin

Hikvision IP CCTV range changes

Hikvision has changed its lineup of IP cameras in line with the launch o fa DIY range called Hiwatch.

Hikvision IP Cameras

Effectively, Hikvision "professional" range of IP cameras now consists of 3MP for ultra lowlight use called darkfighter and 5MP being the highest resolution before you hit 4K which is 8MP. The prices for 3MP and 5MP is very similar so why would you want 3MP IP cameras? The main reason is that nighttime images which are, much better with the 3MP darkfighter than the 5MP ones. The inexperienced installer would normally choose the highest resolution without even considering the IP cameras sensitivity to light which is shown in lux, the lower the number, the better the image in very low light.

Hiwatch IP Cameras

The Hiwatch IP range consists of 2MP and 4MP, most have PoE but beware of the non-PoE as these will require a separate power supply. The picture quality and functions are reasonable and the picture quality is acceptable. They are in no way to be compared to the "professional" range and frames per second rates are also low at their maximum resolution, especially the 4MP range.

Price of the 4MP Hiwatch cameras is only a few pounds lower than the professional range hence registered installers should always consider the professional range or the full plug & play Qtron range of IP cameras.

Hikvision NVRs

The economy range of Hikvision NVRs with part numbers DS-7604NI-E1/N, DS-7608Ni-E1/8P & DS-7616NI-E2/8P  has now been moved to the Hiwatch range ( with new part numbers) their replacements are DS-7604NI-K1/4P, DS7608NI-K2/8P & DS7616NI-16P which offers up to 8MP ( 4K) recording & 4K monitor output. This means the end of "no resources" message when the eco range was fully loaded with even 4MP cameras.

There is also the "I" series of NVRs with part numbers DS-7608NI-I2/8P, DS-7616NI-I2/16P & DS-7716NI-I4/16P, This range offers up to 12MP recording and sometimes a BNC monitor output! I say "sometimes" as we have been supplied with BNC and without for the same part number.

Hiwatch NVRs

The economy NVRs which are withdrawn from the professional range have become the flagship of the Hiwatch range. There are 2 ranges below this and you should read the specifications carefully as not all channels support the maximum resolution listed when fully loaded.

On the plus side, of the Hiwatch range is that all cameras and software is cross-compatible between the professional range and Hiwatch range. Currently the NVRS also has the same colour GUI , however, the cameras have a blue GUI.

THe Hwatch range has no branding on the products in that there is no Hiwatch logo or Hiwatch powered by Hikvision printed anywhere other than on the packing which would normally be thrown away. What you do get is reliability. With an abundance of real-time high definition CCTV systems on the market including 4K, would anyone want to buy a dumbed down version of Hikvision products? , only time knows the answer. I am certain the range will expand and there needs to be a clear separation between Hiwatch and Hikvision and not deliberate dumbed down to keep the professional range on a pedestal.

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