Read this about Hikvision 8 channel NVR before purchasing it

Friday, 2 August 2019  |  Admin

Planning to buy NVR for your surveillance system? Let us make your search easy! Hikvision 8 channel NVR should be your top choice since it is ruling the market for very many reasons. The Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2-8P NVR can easily support up to 8 channel 8 IP cameras and that too up to 8MP resolution. The best part is that the internet can be very conveniently connected using the Hik-Connect Setup. It does require the installer to be having immense knowledge and expertise about port forwarding or other technicalities. The remote viewing software for iPhone, iPad, PC and MAC, and Android comes at no added cost.

In addition to this, the Hikvision 8 channel NVR now also includes units for Cloud storage onto the Dropbox, Onedrive, and Google drive. What this means is that you can now upload and even download recorded data and files as and when you want and from any place having a network connection.

The Hikvision 8 channel NVR will allow you to easily connect and also record up to a maximum of 8 IP camera. This is not all! This particular NVR can excellently record cameras up to 8 MP in resolution. This will provide you with HD picture quality which is significantly bigger than your standard 1080P (2MP) network security surveillance systems.

Why should you use Hikvision 8 channel NVR?

The aforementioned features are the reasons why you must invest in buying Hikvision 8 channel NVR. Another amazing benefit is that you can use it with your smartphone/tablet and easily access your cameras over a web browser no matter where you are, as long as you have internet connectivity at that place. The same can be said about your PC and MAC. You will have to make use of the live view interface feature for that. Wouldn’t you want to easily access your surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world?

Do you know what the best part is? The Hikvision 8 channel NVR comes with preconfigured settings and this is why it can easily be plugged into almost any setup that comes out of the box. The HDMI and VGA outputs that are there on the NVR allow you to easily connect the NVR to numerous screens, TV, and CCTV monitors. We will tell you what you can do. You just need to install a hard drive of about 12TB which is sufficient to give you around 48 days of uninterrupted storage. Do this along with using high-quality setting with 8 2MP cameras. If you are worried about the space on the hard drive, you can enable the motion detection setting on the NVR so that the hard drive space is utilized much more effectively.

We are sure you must be wondering what you can do to extend the recording time- simply reduce the picture quality by changing the settings. Otherwise, you can go for purchasing a hard drive with more space and you will notice a significant rise in the recording time.

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