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We supply CCTV Kits for customers that are not confident in choosing a CCTV System in individual components although you can call us with your requirements and budget so we can offer your the best CCTV system that meets your budget. Why not try our CCTV system builder instead?

CCTV Kits fall into 3 main category

Analogue CCTV Kits

These use coaxial cable and are cheaper than the other 2 options. Picture resolution starts from 720P and can go up to 5MP. Please see Hikvision CCTV Kits


IP CCTV Kits are becoming very popular despite their high cost compared to Analogue CCTV Kits. These use a smaller CAT5 network cable and carry the signal in a digital format. Picture resolution starts from 720P and can go as high as 12MP. Please see Hikvision CCTV Kits

Wireless CCTV Kits & WIFI cameras

Wireless CCTV kits had been a no-go area for professional installers and CCTV suppliers as they were extremely unreliable and when a CCTV system went wrong, it was a case of buying a new camera or recorder and see if that fixed the issue. With the modern advances in wireless and WIFI technology, wireless CCTV has become more reliable and cost-effective, all of our wireless CCTV kits are digital like IP CCTV systems and ensure interference for other signal sources are ket to an absolute minimum. Please see Wireless cameras for more details. Don't worry about someone hacking your wireless CCTV systems as its no more prone to hacking than your home or business WIFI.

Featured Products
Wireless CCTV kit 2MP , 4 wireless cameras

Wireless CCTV kit 2MP , 4 wireless cameras£199.00(£238.80 Inc. VAT)Availability:

LTS 16 channel NVR  with 16 PoE

LTS 16 channel NVR with 16 PoE£119.00(£142.80 Inc. VAT)Availability:

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