DS-7204HUHI-K1-P 4 channel DVR Turbo 4.0 PoC 5MP

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DS-7204HUHI-K1-P 4 channel DVR Turbo 4.0 PoC 5MP
DS-7204HUHI-K1-P 4 channel DVR Turbo 4.0 PoC 5MPDS-7204HUHI-K1-P 4 channel DVR Turbo 4.0 PoC 5MPDS-7204HUHI-K1-P 4 channel DVR Turbo 4.0 PoC 5MPDS-7204HUHI-K1-P 4 channel DVR Turbo 4.0 PoC 5MP
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Model:  DS-7204HUHI-K1-P

DS-7204HUHI-K1-P Hikvision 4 channel DVR with PoC 5MP recording.

  • Hybrid DVR now also supports up to 6 IP cameras
  • Self-adaptive normal camera & Hikvision PoC camera connection
  • Long distance transmission over twisted pair cable & coax cable 
  • H.265+ compression improves encoding efficiency by up to 50% & reduces data storage costs
  • Now also supports 8MP 4K recording at 8fps
  • 25fps recording 2MP, 18fps recording 3MP & 12fps recording 5MP
  • HDMI output at up to 1920 × 1080
  • Smart search for an efficient playback
  • Automatic power supply management for PoC camera to guarantee the safety 

Can also support mixed IP & analogue cameras on any of its 4 channels by updating the firmware to 3.5.7 or above

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Hikvision Support UK
Affordable quality and competitively priced makes Hikvision IP  the only choice for all new installs. Plug and play and is sold rebranded or rebadged versions such as HiKcom, Alien Mega Hero, DSD, Odyssey,  LTS ,  KT&C to name a few. The systems are also available in TVI ( HD over coaxial or cat5e using video bulans) or as IP which is also HD over CAT5e with the added advantage of being able to carry power as well as data on one cable. Nearly all units sold by us have the power supply built into the recorder called PoE.


Cost Saving
With just one CAT5e cable to run between NVR and cameras makes Hikvision IP systems fast and neat to install. No need for separate power supply or bulky coaxial cables.

For upgrades to High Definition ( HD), existing cables are likely to be coaxial cable ( like TV aerial cable ). In this situation where re-cabling to CAT5e would be costly, you can use a hybrid recorder. This will allow you to use HD TVI cameras on the coaxial cable and new ones can be wired in CAT5e.


The Hikvision IP cameras have an  IP sniffer & configuration software called Hikvision SADP tools. This software is also needed to request password reset as well as the main tool for diagnosing problems. Make sure you install this on your laptop!

A familiar user interface to access the cameras GUI using Microsoft Internet Explorer if needed.


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