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FAQs Hikvision CCTV

1  What is the default password?

2  How do I set the DVR/NVR menu to appear on my VGA or HDMI monitor?

3  Can I disable the IR at night on Hikvision TVI 3 camera?

4  What is the approx field of view for Hikvision 3MP TVI 3.0 F series cameras?

5  How many IP cameras can I connect to a DS-7200HQHI-Fx/N series TVI DVR?

6  How many IP cameras can I add to the DS-7200HUHI-F series TVI DVR?

7  What monitor outputs does the DS-7300HUHI-F series TVI DVR have and what are the resolutions?

8  I have lost mouse control and OSD icons from the HDMI monitor output of my TVI DVR ! how to I get them back?

9  What is zero channel encoding and how do I configure it?

10  How many VCA events can I enable on a TVI HUHI DVR?

11  What resolutions does the DS-1H33 converter support on its TVI input

12  Will the DS-1H33 TVI to HDMI converter pass coaxial telemetry using the loop through connection?

13  What are the rules when setting my Hik-connect verification code for either front end or back end device?

14  How many subs DS-1004KI keyboards can I connect in cascade mode?

15  What connections do I use when connecting a sub DS-1004KI to the master keyboard under DVR control mode?

16  What is the maximum distance with RG59 for a H series 5MP TVI camera connected to a HUHI-F-S DVR ?

17 What is the app used to remotely view Hikvision on mobile devices?
18 Can I connect more than one IP camera to NVR PoE port using a separate PoE switch?


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