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Hidden camera's or spy cameras can be split into 3 main group groups

Wireless  hidden   camera's - suitable for temporary use

Wired hidden CCTV camera's - suitable for long-term or permanent use.

Mobile CCTV camera's  - for on the move use such as bodywork hidden camera

Wireless CCTV camera's

This type of camera uses  WiFI signal similar to your home WIFI signal to send the signal to either a mobile phone or PC or an NVR which also allows you to view the camera over the internet from anywhere where there is internet access. The wireless hidden camera will still need power and this can be from a recharge battery or mains powered.  the wireless CCTV camera can also be a completely stand alone with its own recording.

Wired hidden CCTV camera's

Wired hidden cameras are the professionals choice as once installed, they can be forgotten. In this type of setup, the camera is normally wired back to a digital video recorder ( DVR) in the case of analogue CCTV system to replace or recharge batteries.

One important note to consider about hidden cameras is night vision. if you want to see in the dark then infrared lighting is necessary. The downside is that the red glow from the light  away  the position of the camera and it will also consume more power

hidden cctv camera

Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera's

The law

Hidden cameras can also carry sound and this should take privacy laws into consideration. For example, if you install a hidden camera in a doctors reception area and record sound, you would be breaking the privacy laws.

If a hidden camera or spy camera is to be in situ for longer than 3 months,  premises must carry a sign stating covert CCTV recording in operation and if sound is also being recorded.

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