Wireless transmitter & reciever 700m

Wireless transmitter & reciever 700m
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Model:  IPMIT250

IPMIT250 wirless LAN BRIDGE sold in pairs. 

Wireless links are far more cost effective than running long cables and much faster to deploy so they are more often than not the preferred choice for most installers where cabling is just too difficult.

Clearly a proper 'cabled' IP connection will always be faster in data transfer and also more reliable than a wireless one but where this is not practical or the cost is too high, a wireless 'bridge' is a great solution.

All  models boast a superb easy pairing method which means you can set up the IPmitter without needing a laptop or PC to set up its IP address, perfect for getting the job done more efficiently and without needing a dedicated IP technician to do the install.

With  a data transfer rate of 300Mbs using the 2.4 GHz frequency and is aimed at smaller cost-conscious installations.

The IPMIT250 use 'Passive PoE' which is 24V not 48V so these are supplied with their own PSU.

Please note that the units do not come pre paried.

Package Content

 2 packs - Each pack consisting of

  • 1x IPMIT200 Wireless Bridge
  • 1x Plug-in PoE Injector
  • 1x 0.8m Patch Lead
  • 2x Cable Ties

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