NVR-104-A-4P 4 channel NVR Hiwatch with 4 PoE MINI

NVR-104-A-4P 4 channel  NVR Hiwatch with 4 PoE MINI
 NVR-104-A-4P 4 channel  NVR Hiwatch with 4 PoE MININVR-104-A-4P 4 channel  NVR Hiwatch with 4 PoE MINI 
Our Price:  £64.66(£77.59 Inc. VAT)

Weight:  2kg



Hard drives optionsHard drives options

Model:  NVR-104-A-4P

The Hikvision HiWatch NVR-104-A-4P supports 4 IP cameras at up to 4MP. Designed with plug and play ease of use. These NVRs features integrated 4 port PoE switches making a quick and easy setup that is literally plugged and play! Connecting the NVR-104-A-4P to the internet is a breeze with the Hik-Connect ( AKA P2P & EZVIZ) Setup with minimal technical or port forwarding knowledge or expertise required. FREE iPhone, iPad, Android, PC & MAC remote viewing software (iVMS 4200 & iVMS 4500). with all NVR-104-A-4P.

The NVR-104A-4P offers connectivity to almost any device including Apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. with a generous bandwidth of 80Mbps the HiWatch NVR--104-A-4P is an excellent choice. Buy Hikvision NVR.

Features and Functions
Video Input and Transmission
  •  Connectable to the third-party network cameras
  •  Up to 8 network cameras can be connected
Compression and Recording
  •  H.264+ compression effectively reduces the storage space and costs by up to 50%
HD Video Output
  •  Full channel recording at up to 4 MP resolution
  • HDMI/VGA output at 1080p resolution
Storage and Playback
  •  Up to 2-ch synchronous playback at 4 MP resolution or 4-channel at 1080p resolution

  •  1 SATA hard disks can be connected with 6TB capacity

  •  HDD quota and group modes; different capacity can be assigned to different channel

Smart Function

  •  Supports multiple VCA(Video Content Analytics) events detection

  •  Smart search for the selected area in the video; and smart playback to improve the playback efficiency

  •  One-key operation: automatically search, modify and add IP cameras after device is activated
Network & Ethernet Access
  •  Hik-Connect and DynDNS for easy network management
  •  100 Mbps Ethernet network interface
  •  4/8 independent 100 Mbps built-in switch network interfaces 

Use your smartphone/tablet with the  NVR-104-A-4P  to remotely access your cameras wherever you are by using the web browser to connect to your NVR. This can also be done on your PC and Mac by downloading the live view interface, making watching your cameras a simple task. We supply the NVR-104-A-4P  ready to view on the internet as soon as you plug it into your broadband router.

The NVR-104-A-4P  with preconfigured settings is ideal for most setups straight out of the box. The VGA and HDMI outputs allow you to connect the NVR to a range of TVs, screens and CCTV monitors. Install up to 6TB hard drive to give you approximately 23 days storage using the highest quality setting with 4 2MP cameras. To save space on the hard drive, enable the motion detection settings on the NVR to use your space more effectively.

The recording time can be extended by simply changing the settings and reducing the picture quality. You can also extend the recording time by purchasing a larger disk drive.


For a full new install, you will also need-

  • A hard drive for storing video footage
  • Cat5e cable - one per camera
  • A screen or your own TV to view it on
  • A HDMI cable to connect your screen

Hard drives

Hard drives options

Hard drives options£47.00  -  £212.00(£56.40  -  £254.40 Inc. VAT)Availability:

CAT5e cable

CAT5 cable 10m grey Ethernet cable

CAT5 cable 10m grey Ethernet cable£3.30(£3.96 Inc. VAT)Availability:

CAT5 cable 20m grey Ethernet cable

CAT5 cable 20m grey Ethernet cable£6.60(£7.92 Inc. VAT)Availability:

CAT5 cable 30m grey Ethernet cable

CAT5 cable 30m grey Ethernet cable£10.00(£12.00 Inc. VAT)Availability:

CAT5 cable 40m grey Ethernet cable

CAT5 cable 40m grey Ethernet cable£12.90(£15.48 Inc. VAT)Availability:

CAT5 cable clips black pk100

CAT5 cable clips black pk100£3.60(£4.32 Inc. VAT)Availability:

CAT5 cable clips GREY pk100

CAT5 cable clips GREY pk100£3.60(£4.32 Inc. VAT)Availability:


HDMI cables

HDMI  cable 1.5 metres Gold premium V1.4 3D

HDMI cable 1.5 metres Gold premium V1.4 3D£3.85(£4.62 Inc. VAT)Availability:

HDMI cable 3 metres, Gold premium V1.4 3

HDMI cable 3 metres, Gold premium V1.4 3£4.32(£5.18 Inc. VAT)Availability:

HDMI cable 5 metres Gold premium V1.4 3D

HDMI cable 5 metres Gold premium V1.4 3D£7.00(£8.40 Inc. VAT)Availability:

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Hikvision Support UK - CCTV Wholesales

We provide lifetime support for all Hikvision products purchased from us. Please note that we are not HIKVISION , we are Hikvision authorised  wholesaler and if your goods were not purchased from us, we will charge for this service. Hikvision do not provide support to end users i.e. general public that are not a security installation company or if goods were not purchased through authorised sellers. Your first contact should always be the place of purchase or your installer.

We will need your post code, product code and serial number in most cases. Model and serial numbers can be fond on a printed label on the product. All Hikvision products purchased after December 31st 2017 are guaranteed for 3 years from date of invoice.

In the event that you may suspect a product is faulty, please contact us by telephone when you are with the product so that we can go through some check with you. Please bench test all products and ensure you obtain a return number from us as goods without this will be return to sender.

Affordable quality and competitively priced makes Hikvision IP the only choice for all new installs. Plug and play and is sold rebranded or rebadged versions such as HiKcom, Alien Mega Hero, DSD, Odyssey, LTS , KT&C to name a few. The systems are also available in TVI ( HD over coaxial or cat5e using video bulans) or as IP which is also HD over CAT5e with the added advantage of being able to carry power as well as data on one cable. Nearly all units sold by us have the power supply built into the recorder called PoE.

Cost Saving
With just one CAT5e cable to run between NVR and cameras makes Hikvision IP systems fast and neat to install. No need for the separate power supply or bulky coaxial cables.
For upgrades to High Definition ( HD), existing cables are likely to be coaxial cable ( like TV aerial cable ). In this situation where re-cabling to CAT5e would be costly, you can use a hybrid recorder. This will allow you to use HD TVI cameras on the coaxial cable and new ones can be wired in CAT5e.
The Hikvision IP cameras have an IP sniffer & configuration software called Hikvision SADP tools. This software is also needed to request a password reset as well as the main tool for diagnosing problems. Make sure you install this on your windows laptop! Its not availiable for MAC.

A familiar user interface to access the cameras GUI using Microsoft Internet Explorer if needed.

Trade accounts available
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