Home plug and poweline plug kit -1 year gtee

Home plug and poweline plug kit -1 year gtee
Our Price:  £35.00(£42.00 Inc. VAT)

Weight:  500g



Model:  TL-PA4016-KIT

Homeplug AKA Powerline plug to allow IP cameras or DVR/NVR to be connected together using the existing mains cable in your house to to carry the signal.


  • Not suitable for commercial premises where there is likely to be 3 phase electricity.
  • It is advisable to test institute before commencing with the install to ensure the units will work on the mains ring circuit.
  • You will need a power supply to provide power to the camera(s)
  • Only one Plug needed at NVR side
  • One powerline plug can be connected to a PoE switch to provide power and data to multiple cameras.
  • If you NVR does not have 2 LAN ports then HomePlug will connect to site router or to builtin in PoE on NVR if only one camera is needed.

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