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How does a wireless camera & CCTV System work?

Wireless CCTV cameras send their video and audio signal to a receiver via wireless transmission. Please note that the camera will still need to be powered, this part isn’t wireless. Either the wireless cameras will need to be plugged into a power source such as the nearest mains socket via an adaptor or in some cases, they can connect to a battery.

The battery will need to be charged or replaced. Using a battery isn’t ideal as the battery for your wireless CCTV camera will drain quickly, depending on usage. The battery may run out right before any of the good stuff starts to happen!

For outbuildings or new buildings sites that may not have any power, we can supply a completely solar powered system including internet access at a price.

For a complete wireless CCTV system, you will need a recorder with a hard drive to merge all your cameras to be viewed and recorded in one place. You will also need cameras with power supply and a screen to view it all on.

How to install wireless cameras ?

Installing a wireless camera is pretty easy and if you’re handy with a drill then you can do it yourself. The first thing to do is to plug everything in and lay it all out on the kitchen table and check that the everything works as it should. This saves you from mounting everything before finding out there’s an issue and you have to take it all down again. Once it’s all working then you can mount your cameras into position and run the cable to a power source.

Can you make a wireless camera wired?

As a rule, no, most wireless cameras will not have this option unless it’s specifically built in. If you suspect that you may want to go wired in the future, then go wired now. Wired is far more reliable and will produce a higher quality image without signal interruptions. Don’t forget you can easily go the other way if needs be- convert a wired camera to wireless by using one of our transmitter and receiver sets.

Can you hack a wireless camera?

This issue has been in the news a few times. For wireless CCTV cameras, it’s highly unlikely that your CCTV camera would be maliciously hacked. Digital wireless CCTV cameras are far more secure as they use multiple frequencies to pair the camera and the receiver and also have an encrypted password.

What is a digital wireless camera?

A digital wireless camera is paired to the recording device to ensure a secured encrypted signal by using a wide range of frequencies. This reduces the risk of interference from other appliances in your house and makes sure no other users can pick up your camera’s signal.

What is the range for a wireless CCTV camera?

This depends on the wireless camera that you’re looking at. We always display the wireless range of the cameras on the listing, measured in meters or kilometers. We sell specialist cameras that can reach huge ranges that are best suited to large properties and farms. If you find that your wireless camera doesn’t have the range you need then you can upgrade it or add a high gain wireless antenna to extend the reach of the wireless signal. Please, not that objects in the path of camera and recorder will reduce the transmission distance so it’s best to place the equipment in situation temporarily to test before final fixing.

Do I need the internet for a wireless security camera?

No, you don’t need the internet for a standard wireless security camera. The wireless part refers to the signal sent from the camera to the receiver. Internet access is only needed if you want to watch the CCTV footage when away from the recorder or location of where the CCTV system is installed.

Do wireless cameras record?

Most wireless cameras will need a separate recording unit such as a DVR to record your footage. A few cameras have a built-in in SD card slot into which to can insert an SD card to record footage.

Can I buy a hidden wireless camera?

Yes, we have hidden wireless cameras too which are ideal for covert recording when you want to catch someone up to no good.

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